Robin was brought on for a project role as the sole recruiter to help staff our new configuration to order manufacturing and engineering center. She did an outstanding job for us recruiting niche LED lighting technology engineering focused positions to contract production operators and everything in between. Her success lies in her ability to deeply understand the product, technology and responsibility of each position to locate the specific matching candidates. Robin is an extremely detail oriented person and can take on all facets of the entire hiring process if needed from initial candidate screening to setting up the interviews, leading round table discussions to making the candidate an offer and closing the deal. She also works very closely with the hiring managers to make sure the job description is clear and the team is all on the same page so that the best candidate can be found. This saves both time and money in the hiring process. Her hiring process was very efficient and effective in finding the right candidates for our company that met our skill level and were a good fit. She did an excellent job for our company and I would highly recommend her services to anyone looking for an effective and positive recruiting experience.