Our staffing plan at View kept growing and we were aggressively ramping up. I brought Robin on as a part time contractor to help supplement the staff. She quickly ramped up to full time and was assigned some of our most difficult to find roles that had been open for a good while in our Milpitas, CA office. These were mostly engineering and marketing roles. I could trust her to work directly with the hiring managers and partner with them, holding weekly update meetings and reporting in to our weekly Talent Acquisition Meetings as well. She quickly learned and followed our internal process and could operate independently. She was versatile and when we needed help filling some of our problematic roles in our Olive Branch/Memphis, TN Manufacturing Area; she stepped in and quickly filled a Manufacturing Controller role where others had previously not been successful. She continued to work directly with our hiring managers in that facility to keep our pipeline full of manufacturing engineers and technicians and also helped to manage a temp service that we used. Robin represented us with hiring managers and other talent acquisition staff at a career fair and was successful in placing a number of engineering interns that we knew we would convert to full time hires. Robin was able to gain the respect of the management staff and the Talent Acquisition team.