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What sets you apart from your competitors?

We are genuine, professional, authentic and don’t constantly pester you. We can’t stand the “used car salesman” approach. We take every opening seriously, learn the job, the company, and do not barrage you with paperwork. We send only qualified candidates and follow up with you according to your expectations. As well, we treat each candidate with the same respect. By being genuine and professional and treating people this same way, we tend to be able to locates candidates and hiring companies with the same values. No tricks, gimmicks or bait and switch tactics. We are customer centric focused for both our candidates and clients.

What is your standard fee?

Our standard fee hasn’t changed in many, many years. We are still at 20% of the first years’ salary; net 30 days. For some companies that might not be able to make a lump sum payment in 30 days; we can offer a different payment arrangement. We charge a $2K initiation fee to take the search and then break up the payment over 3 months which also allows for a 3 month guarantee built in.

How do you find candidates?

We use all the latest tools such as a full Linkedin global license; Indeed; Zip Recruiter; Glassdoor; and good old fashioned networking. We can post your job and network or we are also able to do confidential searches where we source only passive candidates.

Why are your candidates more qualified?

We love to be your partner. We want to enhance your hiring process. Not only do we set up thorough intakes with hiring managers on each opening to get into details of the soft skills you might need along with following the job description; but we also get to know the company well enough to “sell” your opportunity to candidates. We find out what makes your company stand out from your competitors and ask behavioral questions to locate all star candidates. As well, we love to visit your facility and really learn about your business and be able to describe work environments and the specifics about each job. Having worked with Silicon Valley technical companies as well as “hands on” manufacturing companies across the US; we are adept at all types of searches from executives to engineering to production help.

Why do your candidates tend to be more easily retained?

Again, by learning your business and the job spec thoroughly; we are the first person your candidate speaks to regarding your company. We can “set the tone” and expectations of your company culture. By partnering with your human resources and hiring managers we are able to emphasize your corporate branding and message. As we continue to fill openings within your company we make sure we are consistently building a strong team with that same great cultural message.