Hire and retain the best talent with First Choice Recruiting. We take pride in finding the best talent for professional companies, and we understand the complexity of the employment marketplace. When you partner with us, you leverage a combined 50 years of recruiting experience, capitalizing on emerging job trends and putting that knowledge to work for you.

With talent acquisition packages that are affordable for smaller companies, start-ups and large Fortune 500 companies on a budget, and regional and national recruiting services, we can customize talent searches that fit your budget and attain the best talent pool. We strive to find, and retain the best talent for each of our clients.

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Our Recruiting




Interview and collaborate to discover your recruiting needs including vacancies, job description, responsibilities, urgency and target compensation.



Prepare the job requisition including description, responsibilities, skills and requirements, and phone screen questions.


Talent Search

Perform regional and/or national search for top talent that align with your recruiting needs.


Screen & Shortlist

Screen viable candidates based on minimum qualifications, sort based on preferred credentials, experience and technical competencies.


Phone Screen

Conduct phone and/or video interviews with top candidates noting strengths and weaknesses, prepare and present phone screen brief to client.


Employer Talent Evaluation

Employer evaluates and decides which candidates to interview and/or make an employment offer.