About First Choice Recruiting

Robin Schwing began First Choice Recruiting in Northeast Ohio in 1998, carving out a niche as a high-tech recruiting firm supporting Engineering. From start-ups such as Accelent, acquired by BSquare and ETC Computers, to fortune 500 clients such as Diebold Nixdorf and Aironet / Cisco, First Choice Recruiting sourced and qualified hardware, software and embedded engineers.

Since then, Robin has recruited for a wide range of high-tech companies filling a variety of roles from global engineering for hardware, software and systems, manufacturing engineering, accounting and human resources, to executives, marketing, information technology, production and operations for companies such as:


What sets us apart?

We learn your business and your technology at a core level that allows us to recruit and retain the BEST talent in the market.

Our Recruiting




Interview and collaborate to discover your recruiting needs including vacancies, job description, responsibilities, urgency and target compensation.



Prepare the job requisition including description, responsibilities, skills and requirements, and phone screen questions.


Talent Search

Perform regional and/or national search for top talent that align with your recruiting needs.


Screen & Shortlist

Screen viable candidates based on minimum qualifications, sort based on preferred credentials, experience and technical competencies.


Phone Screen

Conduct phone and/or video interviews with top candidates noting strengths and weaknesses, prepare and present phone screen brief to client.


Employer Talent Evaluation

Employer evaluates and decides which candidates to interview and/or make an employment offer.

Let First Choice Recruiting help with your staffing needs.

First Choice Recruiting's Team is ready to provide you with Retained Project Work; Contingent, Retained and Contract Recruiting Services.

Robin Schwing

Robin Schwing

Chief Talent Acquisition Partner and People Connector